Monday, August 31, 2009



This McDonalds, located on 8th and Louise Streets, was the first one in Saskatoon, opening in the early 1970s. Although there have been some changes to the interior layout exterior of the building remains largely as it was when it opened and the restaurant continues to operate. The fast food market in Saskatoon now is far different than when it opened. At the time the only competition it had was Dairy Queen and Kentucky Fried Chicken(Saskatoon being one of the first cities in Canada to have a KFC.) Burger King was years away from setting up shop here, and franchises like Arby's and Wendy's weren't even a gleam on the horizon.


Monday, August 10, 2009


Yeah, two days of posts on here in a row. I hope this will become more common.


Although these compact rodents are technically Richardson's Ground Squirrels they are without fail refered to as gophers by the general public in Saskatchewan.


These particular gophers live by the train tracks on Warman Road, just behind a bus stop, across the street from a 7/11 and Canarama Centre shopping mall. Not surprisingly they are quite tame, allowing me to get fairly close while taking pictures, although the use of the zoom feature on my camera makes them seem closer than they actually were. This bus stop is near where this previous photo was taken. CN Rail apparently doesn't consider their burrowing much of a problem, as they've been residing there for several years.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

'Tis The Season.



Like the rest of Canada Summer is garage sale season in Saskatoon. But it's not just your neighbour that wants to get rid of the junk they've got lying around. Each year the local outlet of Mother's Music has one. This year it took place on Saturday, July 4th. This year's offerings ranged from some nice equipment to parts from cheapy beginners guitars. I didn't buy anything, although a Roland monitor amp was tempting.