Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blonde and Brunette

I recently posted about the current Midtown Plaza ad campaign.  But elements of the previous one can still be found.

old version

This is located on the First Avenue side of the mall.  As you can see the guy is the same in the older campaign, but the woman has changed.  I guess he got himself a new girlfriend.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Tramp Departs.

tramps 1

After several decades in Grosvenor Park Centre on 8th Street the east side location of Tramps Music and Books is closing May 31st.

tramps 2

In recent years the store was located at the east corner of the west side arm of the building.  Over the years I bought quite a bit of stuff from this location.

tramps 3

This shot was taken while I took one last ramble through the paperbacks.

Tramps will continue to have a presence in Saskatoon, with the downtown store at 244-1st Avenue North remaining open.  Hopefully it will continue for a good long time.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Victim Of A Damaged Dream.

fnuc 1

The Saskatoon campus of the First Nations University of Canada, located on 7th Avenue North.  FNUC was intended to improve access to educational opportunities for Canadian aboriginals, but this goal has been hampered by political interference in the operations of the school and reports of financial irregularities.  With its finances in jeopardy it has been decided to sell the Saskatoon campus.

 fnuc 2

fnuc 3

fnuc 4

A stylised teepee is located over the parking lot entrance to the building.

The building was originally constructed as City Park Collegiate high school of the Public School board.  The current City Park campus is located two blocks over on 9th Avenue.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Insert Snickering Here.

beavis 1

The Beavis apartment building is located on 7th Avenue North in Saskatoon.  I'm afraid I must disappoint many visitors by noting there is no corresponding Butthead apartment nearby, or indeed one located anyplace else in Saskatoon.

beavis 2

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Layout Change.

Anyone who has a sharp eye has probably noticed the edges of photos here are often cut off.  So I've decided to run with this template for a while, as it doesn't seem to do that.  Hopefully the orange won't drive you nuts.

Automotive Tradition.

Sorry for the absense of posts here of late.  I had two different sets of relatives staying here one after another, which kept me away from the photos for a while.

mini one

For the past several years Mini Saskatoon has placed a display car in a large cage in front of the 8th Street location of Starbucks during the Spring and Summer months..  The tradition continues this year.

mini two

mini three

Oddly the only place the business name is visible is on the front of the cage and the rear of the car itself, which are only readily visible to pedestrians.