Friday, June 26, 2009


With the end of June once more upon us it's time for the annual Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. Besides the various concerts there is a lot of free music to be heard. Here we have the Doug Boomhower Trio performing on 21st Street just in front of trendy perveyors of overpriced exercise wear Lulu Lemon during the lunch hour today.

Here's a guitar shot, just because I play guitar and like guitars.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Keep It Clean.

These large recycling and garbage bins can be found in Saskatoon's Downtown as well as the main business area of Broadway Avenue. This example is from Broadway. Of the billboards used to advertise for the sign company that operates them I like this one the best. Somehow I doubt I will encounter this young woman walking the streets of Saskatoon, assuming she's even Canadian at all.
Posting this today was inspired by this post of Randy McDonald's, which features a photo of a very similar garbage bin/billboard in Toronto.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Plain And Simple.


This is the McKercher Drive Presbyterian Church located, not surprisingly, on McKercher Drive. From the outside the only real clue this is a Christian church is the cross on the roof. A less than attentive passerby could be forgiven for thinking it was an office building of some sort.


When these photos were taken this billboard sat on the lawn in front of the church. The intended message had been altered a bit. I assume this was done by someone, as I've seen similar mischief conducted against this kind of billboard before.

Thursday, June 11, 2009



Walking past the Centre at Circle and 8th on Monday I spotted this TV sitting in front of a tree. As you can see the tree is located in front of Centre East near the Tim Hortons.


Given the black spot on the screen this TV is certainly not working anymore. But why did the owner leave it there like that? This wasn't just stupidly throwing it out of their vehicle or what have you, but a deliberate act of...whatever the intent was of putting it there.

Whatever your intent, you got my attention at least.