Friday, April 24, 2009

Left Behind.

Readers Nook, a bookstore located on 8th Street, closed at the end of 2008. When it closed the sign above was buried under a mound of snow and was left behind by the owners. With the snow gone it is visible once again, and was in this position when I went to take a look the other day.

Readers Nook, and its previous incarnation the Book Nook, was previously located a block away in a much more visible location. Its less visible location in recent years, combined with the arrival of first McNally Robinson Booksellers, then an outlet of the Indigo book store chain, presumbly led to its demise. It's hard for a small independant like Readers Nook to compete with a big box outlet like McNally Robinson.

Here's the sign that was located above the doors of Readers Nook, including a neon figure reading a book.

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  1. I hadn't heard that they'd closed. As a lover of obscure magazines and out of town newspapers (which at one time they had in abundance) I shall miss the store.