Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mr. Bush Visits Saskatoon.

This is the kind of post I'd like to do more of, one dealing with a current event the day it happens. However, I doubt the next one will be this ambitious.

Former US President George W. Bush came to Saskatoon today to speak before a paying audience at TCU Place, aka the Centennial Auditorium.

Bush Visit 7

Bush Visit 10

It will of course come as no surprise that there were both plenty of people who wanted to see Mr. Bush...

Bush Visit 5

...and plenty who didn't. These were amongst the earliest arrivals, spouting the usual stuff about the September 11th attacks being an inside job, and also mentioning the Bilderberger Group.

Bush Visit 3

This guy was probably the most odd of the protesters. He kept to himself, and kept telling people to read the Book of Revelation and that they were supporting Satan by attending Bush's talk. Not surprisingly at least a couple of times when I was in earshot people asked him to take off his mask. He refused.

Bush Visit 2

Bush Visit 17

As the crowd waiting to get in swelled, so did the number of protesters.

Bush Visit 13

Bush Visit 15

All this went on as traffic continued to pass on 22nd Street.

Bush Visit 11

The protesters largely congregated on a block of Pacific Avenue set aside for them. This placed them across from TCU Place with 22nd Street in between.

Bush Visit 18

Bush Visit 19

Bush Visit 20

These two women did protest on TCU property early on, but from what I could see were eventually asked by security to move.

Bush Visit 8

The local media were of course out in force. Did I count as one of them for today? I'll leave that to the reader to decide.

Bush Visit 9

Bush Visit 6

Bush Visit 12

External security was provided by both private security guards and members of the Saskatoon Police Service. I didn't see any of the members of the RCMP or US Secret Service involved in the operation.

Bush Visit 1

Bush Visit 21

The protesters were loud at times but otherwise didn't interfere with the proceedings, at least while I was there. Those waiting to get in largely ignored them.

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