Monday, February 22, 2010



Last month I visited the new Blairmore Suburban Centre Wal Mart Supercenter on Saskatoon's west side  I went by bus, which isn't exactly the best way to get there.  The closest bus route only runs once an hour except at peak hours weekdays, and doesn't run on the weekend.  I find this ironic given that much of Wal Mart's customer base and staff are the kind of people who use public transit.

I really should have taken a picture of the bus stop, which is where the photos in this post were taken from.  As you can probably guess it is across the road from Wal Mart, and currently consists of nothing more than a temporary bus stop sign.  No shelter has been constructed, which makes for a less than pleasant wait if you have to be there for any length of time. 


As this sign shows there will eventually be other businesses located on this lot...


...but until then the Wal Mart sits alone on the edge of the city.


The nearest building is this under construction hotel.


While the nearest building actually in use is a large complex housing the Shaw Centre, a civic run fitness and aquatic facility, the Public School Board run Tommy Douglas Collegiate high school, and the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools run Bethlehem Catholic High School.

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