Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Rig.

I've been a bit lax on posting here lately, but this one is a biggie, in more ways than one.

artic 1

I was pleasently surprised to spot this vehicle sitting on 23rd Street by the Francis Morrision Library this morning.  This is Saskatoon Transit bus 1007, one of three articulated buses acquired this year from Quebec's Nova Bus.  These will run on the rapid transit DART routes at peak hours.

artic 2

artic 3

The actual markings on this bus are pretty limited, such as the small DART logo on the upper panel seen here.

artic 5

Like all buses acquired in recent years this unit has a front mounted bike rack, and the racks do see some use.

artic 60

artic 4

artic 7

A closeup of the accordion section that connects the front and back segments.

I'm not convinced these buses will work well here.  The various bus stops and bus malls were designed with a much shorter vehicle in mind, and I wonder if they won't have trouble navigating some streets and intersections.  We'll have to wait until full scale service begins in September.


Meanwhile, Saskatoon Transit continues to acquire buses of the style we're more familiar with here, such as 1001, a New Flyer bus.  As can be seen by the paint scheme this unit is intended for the use on "standard" routes.  Prior to the acquisition of the new articulated buses New Flyer had been the sole provider of buses to Saskatoon Transit since the first low floor wheelchair accessible buses were purchased in 1995.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Secret Agent?

joe 90

Joe 90's Auto Sales has been located at 8th St. and Louise Avenue for several years.  I wonder if other Saskatonians besides me recognise a more famous use of this name.  Joe 90 was a 1968 Gerry Anderson production about a 9 year old boy who, via a special pair of glasses, could perform any skill programmed into them at an expert level, and used this ability as a secret agent.  This was the last of Anderson's series to primarily use "Supermarionation," Anderson's trademarked term for highly sophisticated marionettes, and used in previous series such as the cult classic Thunderbirds.

Friday, July 16, 2010



During the Spring and Summer months a pair of boats, owned by Shearwater Tours, can be seen plying the South Saskatchewan, offering tours and other services. 

riverboat 2

Several tours are scheduled each day, and the route includes passage under the Broadway Bridge as seen here.