Thursday, December 8, 2011

Toubled Tunnel

The Rusholme Pedestrian Tunnel is located on Saskatoon's west side.  It connects the parking lot of Confederation Mall with Vancouver Avenue North under Circle Drive.

rusholme tunnel

Here we see the opening of the Confederation end.

rusholme tunnel2

Unfortunately this and other such tunnels have been the site of robberies and assaults.

rusholme tunnell3

This is the halfway point of the route under Circle Drive.  It wouldn't be hard, one suspects, to wait here for anyone who might come through.

rusholme tunnel4

As with the Confederation side the Vancouver Avenue side is a bit below ground, hidden from observation by those entering and leaving the tunnel..

rusholme tunnel5

rusholme tunnel6

There have been suggestions this tunnel should be replaced with an above ground pedestrian crossing.  There are a number of such crossings, such as the one that connects Sutherland with College Park across Circle Drive.  There is also talk of installing security cameras, although the obvious question is whether such devices would be safe from vandalism.  In any case some form of pedestrian access is needed to prevent people crossing the very busy Circle Drive.

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