Sunday, October 24, 2010



Walking down 2nd Avenue on Wednesday I noticed this glass sitting on top of the parking ticket dispenser at the corner of 2nd and 25th Street.  Given that the Patricia Hotel and its bar are just across the street I assumed a patron walked out of the bar holding this and put it there when he was finished.  Frankly I find that a bit disturbing, because he might have then gotten into his vehicle and drove off, drunk.

drink 2

However a quick check indicates that Albino Rhino is a brand of pale ale served at Earl's Restaurants, and there's an Earl's a couple of blocks away on 2nd Avenue.  Doesn't change my worry about drunk driving of course.

I left the glass where it was, but it didn't remain there long.  Literally a couple of minutes after I took these shots a truck pulled up to the dispenser.  I think it might have been someone from the company who runs the parking lot.  In any case when the truck pulled away the glass was gone.  Somehow I doubt the driver was going to take the glass back where it belongs, but who knows?

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